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Hotels in Dapoli
Hotels in Dapoli


Located at just the right distance from major cities like Pune Mumbai and Kolhapur for a weekend break Teerthraj Beach Resort in Karde, Dapoli is a holiday resort that holds many surprises in store for you!

Karde beach amongst the most popular beaches in Dapoli is sequestered between Murud Harnai and Ladghar beach. The vast expanse of the Karde beach extends on to the Murud Maharshi Karve beach. The Ladghar beach is to the south of Karde beach across a rocky patch Famed as the 'Parashuram Bhumi' Dapoli is home to some very revered and rare temples of Konkan. Durga devi temple in Harnai probably is the most visited temple in Dapoli besides the Kadyavarcha Ganpati temple located in Anjarle. Dapoli hosts one of the two temples dedicated to Parshuram in the entire Konkan in Ade.

The sea forts off the coast from Dapoli is amongst the major attractions during a holiday in Dapoli. A visit to the sea forts is an unique experience which few other beahes in the entire Konkan stretch offer. Suvarnadurg fort is the most popular seafort in Dapoli.

There are many interesting spots in Dapoli that you can visit if you are on a long vacation to Dapoli. Although not frequented much by regular tourists the Panhalekaji budhist caves located at about 30 kms from Dapoli is a delight for the one historically inclined. Near the Panhalekaji caves about 20 Kms from Dapoli is the Unhavare village famous for the hot sulphur springs. Water sports is very populare in Karde and water rides along with parasailing is organized at the beach. Dolphin watch boat rides are one of the most popular activities in Dapoli and the chances of spotting a school of dolphins off the coast of Dapoli is quite high!